Recruit the best people with Atomic Hire’s

First class shortlisting.

Atomic Hire is an applicant tracking system, using scientifically proven assessment criteria and the collective expertise of your team to ensure quality, diversity and time saving.

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The secret sauce of Atomic Hire is a powerful system for scoring and ranking applicants to increase recruitment efficiency.

The Atomic Hire Secret Sauce
Job Performance Predictors

Proven predictors of job performance from organisational science.

Decision Algorithms

Help you get to a candidate shortlist as soon as possible. Only interview the best people.

People Power

Leverage your team’s experience and diversity to eliminate decision bias.

The Atomic Hire
Recruitment Promise

Atomic Hire focuses on getting you from 100+ candidates to a first class shortlist of 5. That’s it - our scope. We don’t help you with sourcing. Nor face to face interviews. Nor the signing. No e-signatures or job templates. This allows for a ruthless focus on delivering you a candidate shortlist of the highest quality.

The First Class Candidate Shortlist

The Atomic Hire shortlist is centered around the candidate score. It’s powered by:

  • Advanced assessment criteria and methodologies.
  • All rooted in the scientifically proven best predictors of future job performance, applied at expert recruiting companies like Google and Facebook.
  • Supported by your expert team.

General Cognitive Ability (GCA) assessment

Cognitive ability is widely considered the best predictor of job performance. (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998) This is why we’ve codified it and uses it as a key decision to deliver you your first class candidate shortlist.

Recruitment Process

You control the process. You decide the level of autonomy

Manage Interview Pipeline
Save time with bulk actions and automation
Shortlist and sign the best candidates
Recruit as a team and utilise collective expertise
Effective rough filtering with KO questions

"Atomic Hire codifies the Google interview process, designed by former google interviewers to help you replicate their success."

Martin Quach

Founder and Ex-Googler

"We started developing the CI feature for recruitment at Intersection Ventures. We were overwhelmed with the results and ended up building the product. We want companies, who also rely on hiring top talent, to experience the power of the perfect candidate match."

Pedro da Cunha, Partner at Intersection ventures



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