Atomic Hire is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that combines scientifically proven predictors of future job performance with the collective expertise of teams to increase efficiency in recruitment and reduce bias in the candidate selection process.

What can I do with Atomic Hire?

  • Job Posting: with Atomic Hire, you can create your company profile and job posts to be shared on your usual job boards.
  • Knock-out Questions: to easily screen candidates, Atomic Hire allows you to add knock-out questions as step in the job application process.
  • Team Collaboration: with Atomic Hire, you can invite colleagues to collaborate in the recruitment pipeline, sharing candidate notes and evaluation.
  • Candidate Evaluation: using notes and scores you are able to evaluate each candidate objectively.
  • Pipeline Management: quickly manage candidates across each step of your recruitment pipeline, from screening to job offer.
  • Easy Communication: contact your candidates directly from Atomic Hire and save time.
  • Candidate Assessment: use scientifically proven predictors of job performance such as General Cognitive Ability (GCA) for unbiased candidate assessment. 

Who can benefit from Atomic Hire?

  • Talent Acquisition Teams
  • Hiring Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Professional Recruiters

What is Atomic Hire secret sauce?

The secret sauce of Atomic Hire, fueling quality candidates and recruitment efficiencies is a simple, yet extremely powerful candidate score.

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