General Cognitive Ability (GCA)

Cognitive ability is widely considered the best predictor of job performance. (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998)

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What is GCA?

Cognitive ability is defined as a general mental capability involving reasoning, problem solving, planning, abstract thinking, complex idea comprehension, and learning from experience.

What can it measure?

GCA assessment can measure math, language and problem solving skills among other aspects. Aside from its role in predicting job performance, GCA assessment is an effective practice that can be used to screen multiple applicants at the same time.

Predicting Job Performance with GCA Assessment

  • The predictive validity of GCA depends on the complexity of the job with strongest validity observed for highly complex jobs.
  • GCA impacts job performance through job knowledge acquisition - high cognitive ability individuals are better equipped to acquire the knowledge needed to perform their jobs at the highest levels.
  • GCA assessment is important to all jobs in that cognitive abilities are relevant to tasks that involve information processing and learning.